A high-grade cleaning unit for internal and external cleaning of all your transport equipment.

Telephone number Cleaning: +31 (0) 115 467 460

We are open at the following times:
Monday to Friday: 06:00 to 21:00
Saturday: 06:00 to 11:00
Outside these times: by appointment


We have many years’ experience of internal cleaning, offering balanced cleaning programmes to guarantee the correct relationship between perfect results and minimal impact on the environment as regards waste water. Van Opdorp Transportgroep is affiliated to ECTA and meets the ATCN requirements for cleaning. European clean certificates are used.

We are acutely aware of our potential impact on the environment and set ourselves the highest standards to ensure the safest possible waste water discharge. Our cleaning units meet all the necessary requirements for foodstuff cleaning stations, whether sterile, kosher, or a range of other specialist treatments are required.

The ATCN tank cleaning terms and conditions apply to all our tank cleaning activities. These may be inspected here as well as at the reception desk prior to cleaning.

Excellent canteen facilities are provided for customer use, with free coffee, as well as a range of sandwiches and snacks. Customers may also use the shower facilities. Request a Quotation


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