The express inclusion of quality in our company policy, coupled with the implementation of the quality assurance standard ISO-9001 for all our activities, broadens the basis for the continuity of our company. While some companies have certificates only for specific areas, Van Opdorp Transportgroep became one of the first transport companies in the Netherlands to be awarded ISO-9002 (nowadays (changed into ISO 9001) certification for all its business activities, on 20 December 1991, by Bureau Veritas Certification. Van Opdorp Transportgroep continuously monitors developments in certification requirements and currently holds the ISO 9001:2015. This certification has the following scope: International road haulage of dry products in bulk (food and non-food; non ADR), liquids in bulk (food) and containers (food and non-food; non ADR), logistic services; container handling and storage; cleaning activities of own transport equipment and for third parties.

People and the environment

Employees Apart from our high demands on quality, we also set ourselves high standards for health, safety and welfare. The company encourages a preventive and active stance by all employees in this regard, to ensure a healthy, safe and pleasant work environment.   Environment The company has been following an active and progressive environmental policy for many years. Various (voluntary) cleaning operations have been carried out; low-noise compressors are fitted and a wide range of environmental measures have been taken in the garage and cleaning units. A number of new, extensive projects are on the point of being launched. Our aim is to prevent air, water and ground pollution, or to restrict it to the absolute minimum.


Van Opdorp Transportgroep has been certified since 25 September 2001 on the basis of the GMP legislation concerning animal feed transport. Current legislation: GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance is a complete module for guaranteeing animal feed safety in the animal feed chain. Demonstrable guarantees for animal feed safety is a ‘sales licence’ in many countries and markets, and participation in the GMP+ FSA module can greatly facilitate this. On the basis of practical requirements, different components are integrated into the GMP+ FSA module, such as instructions for the quality management system (ISO 9001), HACCP, product standards, traceability, monitoring, basic conditions programme, chain approach and the Early Warning System.


SQAS (Safety & Quality Assessment System) is a system to evaluate the quality, safety, security and environmental performance of logistical service providers and chemical distributors in a uniform way by means of standardised investigations, carried out by independent assessors with the aid of a standard questionnaire. An SQAS investigation leads to a certificate to show that the investigation has been carried out, and provides a detailed report that each chemical company needs to evaluate this according to its own requirements. Van Opdorp Transportgroep has been SQAS-audited since 1996. The following certificates apply:

  • CEFIC – SQAS Transport Service Questionnaire and Guidelines
  • CEFIC – SQAS Tank Cleaning Questionnaire and Guidelines


Van Opdorp Transportgroep is affiliated to the ATCN. Netherlands Association of Tank Cleaning Companies, the trade association for the tank cleaning industry in the Netherlands. The ATCN has introduced a special certificate that recognises high environmental safeguards and high levels of service provision. Recognised companies are awarded the certificate for the relevant year. Van Opdorp Transportgroep has been a member of the scheme since the Association’s formation, meeting the conditions for certification every year.


The following conditions apply: