Van Opdorp Transportgroep has been active in the field of transport since 1927.
We pride ourselves on fully meeting our customer’s logistical and transport needs.
We offer the following transport solutions:

Bulk Transport

In the bulk sector, Van Opdorp Transportgroep is active in the non-food sector, particularly granulated products, and in the specialised food sector. The bulk trailers are often adapted to the customer’s technical requirements.

The trailers are fitted with low-noise compressors for fast and environmentally responsible unloading.

In accordance with European legislation and customer requirements, our drivers are trained in health, safety and environmental aspects.

A vacuum road tanker is used for dry substances, for instance, to prevent contamination.

As well as our non-food activities, Van Opdorp Transportgroep also has a fleet of food bulks  for dry foodstuffs, with the expertise to handle them. The bulk trailers have been specially fitted and marked in accordance with foodstuffs legislation.

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Vacuum Bulk Transport

Van Opdorp was one of the first hauliers in Europe to use a vacuum road tanker and has built up extensive experience of vacuum work. We are specialised in de-contamination, silo emptying, etc., and welcome cooperation with the customer to solve a problem.

We would be pleased to discuss your specific requirements to find a specific technical solution to suit your needs.

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Tank Transport

Tank transportation is used for the food sector.

We use highly trained drivers and specialised equipment to deliver critical products according to your requirements.

Van Opdorp Transportgroep is specialised in the transport of sterile products, with trailers cleaned in our specialised cleaning unit.

The trailers have special fittings for all types of unloading, whether hydraulic, electrical, using our pump, or connected to the customer’s pump.

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Container Transport

Van Opdorp Transportgroep has a range of chassis for use in your container transport.

  • Tilting chassis for unloading box containers
  • Fixed chassis connected to a cab, with a compressor for unloading pressure containers.
  • Chassis fitted with a special rotary for unloading powder products from a box container.

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